Roller Skating lessons are also life lessons. The determination and drive will stay with each skater for life.

Basic skating skills with Star Skate create the foundation for speed skating, roller hockey, slalom, roller derby, and figure skating. At the conclusion of the 5 Progressive Star Skate Levels each skater will have the confidence and skills to advance to a more specialized program for roller sports. Each class will be taught in a structured and fun environment and will work on the skills to advance in each level. Skaters will progress at their own speed and graduate to the next level once skill mastery is demonstrated.

The program is a guide for coaches, teachers, and rinks to utilize. Each program can be modified to fit the needs of each location - for example this may be 3 levels vs 5 based on number of teachers, amount of time available, etc. Each level takes about 4 weeks to complete based on a 1-hour class per week. Graduation consists of a certificate with name, class logo, rink contact, teacher signature.